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Featured Martial Arts School Requirements

Once a month, Martial Base hand selects a martial arts school which will be the featured martial arts school of the month. All martial arts schools are considered for a Featured Martial Arts School listing pending if the school can provide the necessary information.

What does the Featured Martial Art School get?

In order to participate as a featured martial arts school, a martial art school must provide the following:

  1. All location information such as address, city, state, and zip
  2. Web address, phone Number, email address, fax number (if available)
  3. List the styles of martial arts that are taught
  4. List number of years in business
  5. A few paragraphs about your martial arts business
  6. List credentials, affiliations, and lineage
  7. Martial arts school logo
  8. A minimum of six photos which best represent your martial art school, instructors, and students

Other optional information you may want to include:

  1. Number of instructors
  2. Class size (1-5, 5-12, 12+)
  3. Classes offered for (toddlers, pre-teen, teens, adults and seniors)
  4. Lesson types (private, small group, large group)
  5. Special events (birthday parties, summer camp, after school programs, before school programs, other)
  6. Promotions offered (free week of training, free uniform, etc.)
  7. Average cost per month
  8. Seminars/ demos
  9. Facilities (lockerroom, showers, weight room, handicap accessible)

We highly suggest that you also contribute a 600 word article about martial arts which will be added to the articles webpage of the Martial Base website. This is not required, but will only help your martial arts business get recognition as an authority in your discipline and will help boost your online marketing efforts.

To be considered the next featured martial arts school, please contact us and tell us why you should be the next featured martial arts school.