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Starting Your Own MMA Gym? Here Are 5 Top Things You Need To Know

So you have already opened a good Mixed Martial Arts Gym in this neighborhood that you were sure needed one. Your training facility is aimed at adults and young adults, and you know you got the expertise and the knack to teach Brazilian jiu-jitsu, wrestling, boxing etc. In other words, you are enthusiastic and passionate about training your new students. That’s good, but is it enough to make your training school the best?

Here is how you can kick start your new career as an MMA gym owner and trainer.

1. Don’t Be Afraid To Offer Beyond What The Front Board Says

In fact, change what the banner says entirely. You will soon learn that you cannot be exclusive with your services and offers. Physical expressions are evolving all the time, and you need to keep up too. You will have people knocking at your door enquiring about weight loss programs, muscle building workouts, and a lot of other fitness related programs apart from MMA.

I suggest that you be flexible in your offerings and keep an eye on what people are enquiring about when they visit your dojo. You already have a great facility, all you need is to make your expertise flexible. You will not only get to learn more and teach more, but will get paid for the experience. If people want to enroll their kids in your class, so be it. Just because you teach fitness to kids too does not mean you are a less of an MMA trainer.

2. Location Woes

New gym owners always have trouble deciding where to open their facility. This is usually because:
a) They do not treat it as big a factor, i.e. they think the location doesn't matter


b) They do not really know what a ‘good’ location is

Deciding on the location of your MMA school is a decision that has long-term repercussions, so you need to choose the location carefully. People prefer gyms that are located either close to home or work. If you are offering classes to school going students as well, find a suitable locality in close proximity to the going-home-from-school route for young people.

3. Your Relationship with Your Customers/Students

The truth of the matter is that when it comes to running an MMA gym, it is not the equipment, and it’s not the services (though very important) that top the list of the most influential factor that keep the customer satisfied. It’s the way you interact with your customers. In fact, this is also the reason why a customer would think twice before even deciding to leave your facility. You need to work on your customer relationships for sustainable profits.

4. Liability and Capital: Do the Math
Cash flow is the blood of your business. Without a steady cash flow very month, you are in for some serious dilemma. If your source of finance has been a loan, then make sure that this loan is not the reason why your cash flow is showing a deficit. Your gym needs to start making enough profits to cover the loan and interest and the daily expenses. It won’t do so in the first couple of months, but you must strategize everything else in a way that the profits start flowing in eventually.
5. Be The Ultimate Marketer for your MMA Gym
Design a logo for your gym, and make it something unique that stands out. Now print the logo on shirts, cards, and other merchandize, and hand them out to your members and visitors. A buff student wearing your gym’s shirt is a walking talking advertisement for everyone else.

Also, go online, get SEO content for your website, and become active on different online forums. The better the page ranking your website has, the more visibility your gym will have.

Make use of social media, this is the perfect place to interact with and attract new clients. Or checkout the martial arts online advertising package available at Martial Base to give your business more visibility. You can list your facility as one of the top schools in the area and before you know it, your gym will be packed with students looking to sign up for the MMA classes.