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How To Retain Students: What Are MMA Students Really Looking For?

Why won’t students stay with your gym? Here are top things that students are always thinking when choosing an MMA facility to train at.

Students Like To Interact! (Even MMA Students)
MMA students like to know what they signed up for. They view themselves as customers who are paying for your time as a trainer. For the trainee, you are the guide. So answer the questions they ask you, and always point them in the right direction.

Here is what interacting and answering everything trainees are curious about will do for you: It will gain their trust and loyalty, and they will think twice before switching MMA training schools.

Give Them An Outlook Of A Gym They will Want To be In
I should have written that heading as ‘Give them an outlook they will want to pay for’. A person looking to sign up for MMA training will definitely judge your gym by the way it looks once he or she walks in. Think about a couple of things and list down the areas of your facility that need a double check:

Remember, it is not always necessary that your MMA gym would need heavy or any investment towards an interior décor change, just make sure it does not look like a rundown garage or something worse.

Is It The Fee You Are Charging?
Everyone who is passionate or enthusiastic about Mixed Martial Arts knows that spending a lot on a training school does not necessarily mean that the training and results would be exceptionally good. Your trainee does not really see or know the real cost of the training. You need to provide your trainee with a professional environment and show them that you do things seriously. Plus don’t leave the damaged equipment out in front for everyone to see in case they assume they are still in use.

How many people ask if a champion or a pro trains at the gym? If you do have a student like that, make that vocal, this is a handy tip that will never let you down. Not only does it retain your existing students (because of the sense of competition in the MMA school), but attracts new ones too.

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