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How To Conduct An Efficient MMA Class

After being the industry for a long time, I figured there were things that people need to know on how to conduct an efficient MMA class that would benefit both the MMA school owner and the students.

If you are reading this, I assume you are an MMA trainer and already know all the techniques and training regimens, so this article is not about that. Here are the things that no one will tell you about - the small details that make a huge difference.

Get To Know Your Target Market!
Most Gym owners usually know exactly what ages of students they will get, and they are fine with training anyone with the right set of determination and will power. Here is what you need to start concentrating on. You majorly get two kinds of people in your gym, the ones who just want to get in shape, and the ones who crave hard core MMA training. Learn to separate your clientele from what they are really looking for and time your classes according, that way you will be able to teach them more efficiently. When you and your students are on the same page and are working towards the same goal, your customer satisfaction and student retention rates will go through the roof.

Be A Professional Through And Through!
Basically, you want to run a gym that will pay your bills. If you run something of a dungeon dojo you are attracting less stable clients, so stick to professionalism. Let’s go back to simpler ways. Nobody who walks in to a dirty gym (even if it train’s champions) would want to stay and pay for training there. It’s how the human mind works, you need to inform the person that you have the tools to transform the student from his current state into a skilled Mixed Martial Artist.
So keep the space clean and your equipment nicely repaired to show off how seriously you take MMA training. Make sure the interior is well kept, the hygiene is taken care of, and that you get rid of the awful gym smell after a session.

Make The Students Practice It Too
The previous point above might seem a little tedious what with all the hard work you will most likely have to put up with maintaining your gym and make it look pleasant and appealing to gain more students. Here is another thing that you need to do.

As you train your students, teach them some good hygiene habits too for the sake of your facility. I have seen so many students who practice MMA like they live for it, but they also have habits like bringing in gym clothes and gear that smells like it hasn’t seen the laundry room for weeks. As the gym owner / manager, it is your job to make sure that you tell your students to change and never do that again.

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