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Krav Maga: The Newest In MMA

Although Krav Maga boasts zero competition, no rules, and doesn’t even technically qualify as a sport, it still remains one of the most highly-regarded and respected martial arts today. A mix of some of the most effective styles (karate, muay thai, and boxing, just to name a few), Krav Maga utilizes its fluidity of regulations to an advantage, encouraging practitioners to use any and all methods available to win a battle. As the student gets more advanced, more complex methods of training will be introduced, from knife fights to hostage situations.

Similar in theory to other martial arts, Krav Maga has the student focus on first neutralizing the threat and then offering some offensive gain. Think of the clinch in Muay Thai as the neutralization and the knees as the offense when trying to visualize an appropriate comparison. Learning Krav Maga insists that students build up to its most lethal forms, first emphasizing “civilian self-defense” eventually followed by levels of understanding and a semi-traditional belt system. You can use our school finder to locate the school which is most appropriate for you ability level.

Krav Maga is an excellent start for any prospective student of martial arts. It offers a basic understanding of many of the more popular martial arts, making it easier for a new student to decide which he should eventually master. Additionally, the classes are intense aerobic and anaerobic workouts, giving the student a cardiovascular workout that he or she might only find in boxing.

Even law enforcement agencies all over the world have begun to adopt these methods, including the FBI, ATF, and CIA. Word of Krav Maga’s advantages have filtered down through the ranks and now are used in local law enforcement agencies as well. If you’re looking to be the next Jack Bauer or just be able to protect yourself at night, Krav Maga might be right for you.