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Martial Arts School Virtual Lead Box

At Martial Base our mission is to promote martial arts in all communities throughout the world.  We would like to help by sending you perspective students who are interested in your martial arts school.  The Martial Arts School Virtual Lead Box is a supplementary product of the martial arts Ultimate Advertising. The Martial Arts School Virtual Lead Box is just like a lead box you may have used where you leave the box at local establishments in order to get leads on perspective students.  However, this martial arts school referral program is an online lead box which can bring students to you.

How does it work? A perspective student will fill out a inquiry form and you will be notified via emailed after it has been screened for spam. Within the email will be instructions on how to access your lead information. As a good practice, check your junk folder to ensure you do not lose a lead. Or just login daily into your online account to view your leads. Please contact us if you do not have a login to access your online account. If you do not have a subscription to the Ultimate Advertisting package then, click here to learn more about advertisng opportunities for your martial arts school.